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Buy Instagram Likes for $2

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60 Hearts
  • High Quality
  • Fast & Cheap Service
  • Instant Start
  • Organic Delivery (5-30 minutes)
70 Hearts
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  • Fast & Cheap Service
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  • Organic Delivery (5-30 minutes)
80 Hearts
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90 Hearts
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100 Hearts
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With Our Service You'll Get the Best Possible Results!

Our main goal is to make our customers’ Instagram posts and accounts as popular as possible. We like our work and the results we give to our users! We are the perfect place to buy engagement on IG and we will continue to grow for you and your results.

Why Should You Consider Paying Just $2 for Likes on Instagram?

Instagram is an increasingly crowded place, and it can be hard to get attention if you don’t already have a ton of engagement. So for many people, the solution is to buy Instagram likes cheap for $2. Here are some reasons this is a great way to boost interaction:

  • Even a small number of new taps, like 60, can help you get more IG engagement.
  • Insta’s algorithm notices when a picture starts getting more hearts. When this happens, it places the post in more feeds because it thinks the photo is already popular.
  • When more people see your post, they can like it.
  • No one wants to be the first person to like a post, but once viewers see others have tapped it, they will be more likely to do the same.
  • It’s a quick, low-cost way to boost your stats and increase organic traffic to your feed.

Is it actually possible to buy Instagram likes for only 2$?

It’s totally possible to pay for IG likes for $2. There are different package sizes, and you can actually buy hearts for less than $2 also. There’s even a package for a dollar. Prices may vary, but currently you get about 60 taps for $2. This amount is a good way to try out the service and see how much it helps. It also provides a realistic amount of hearts for someone with a new or small account.

How can buying likes for only $2 benefit your account?

Buying cheap Instagram likes for $2 can improve your profile in several ways:

  • This is a great way for new or small accounts to gain traction for just 2 dollars.
  • It’s hard to get noticed when you’re new, especially since IG’s algorithms think you don’t exist.
  • It’s true! IG favors content that already has a lot of engagement, so if you don’t have a huge following or a lot of likes on a picture, most people won’t see it, even if they follow you.
  • When you buy IG likes for $2, you can do an end run around this problem.
  • For 2$, you get enough hearts to stimulate the algorithm and get your content in front of more people, who can then tap it.
  • This helps to build organic engagement.

Why is the best place to buy engagement for only 2$? is the best site to buy Instagram likes for $2 because:

  • We have all real users liking our content.
  • We never use bots or fake accounts that can get you in trouble. 
  • When you pay for hearts, you get fast service.
  • Most orders are complete within a few hours or less.
  • Our customer service department is always happy to help.
  • You get to build your online audience for a cheap price.

How do you order the $2 likes package? Follow these steps

It’s very easy to buy instagram likes $2. Just use these easy steps to boost your engagement today:

  • Go to and choose the package you want.
  • Next, you’ll be asked to enter your Insta account URL and your email address.
  • Then you’ll pay with a credit card or Apple or Google Pay.
  • That’s it! We don’t collect any sensitive info, and we definitely never ask for your password.
  • The email address is used only to send you an order confirmation.

What is the process of delivery of the $2 package?

When you order taps for one dollar or for 2 dollars, order delivery starts instantly after you receive confirmation. It then continues until you’ve received all your hearts. You get an instant start of the delivery process, but as more active users come on the site, more hearts will show up. This appears more natural than your picture suddenly getting 60 likes in less than a minute. With such fast delivery of engagement, $2 Instagram likes are a great value. By increasing organic engagement, they continue to provide a great return on investment, for a low price to start.



Will the taps for sale for only $2 be authentic?

Definitely. When you buy likes on Instagram for $2, all your hearts come from real, active users. We never allow any bot interaction on our site.

Can these taps for $2 drop after some time?

We offer a 30-day no-drop guarantee when you get likes for Instagram for $2. If any of your taps disappear during that time frame, please let us know about, and we’ll replace them for you. In the meantime, more organic users will see your content and you’ll gain even more taps that way.

If I make this instant purchase, do I have a risk of getting banned?

No, because all our users are real. Insta only drops the ban hammer on bots or fake accounts, and profiles that have too many of these fakes liking their stuff. Because all our high quality likers are real people, this will not be a problem for you.

Can likes for 2 dollars be delivered quickly?

Yes, our paid service is very fast for only $2. Most people get full delivery within a few days.

In what countries can I buy cheap engagement for $2?

Another great thing about getting inexpensive hearts for no more than 2 dollars is that they’re available in any country where you can get Instagram. You can order taps for your Instagram photos in the US, UK, Australia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Canada, and many other places.

Is it safe to pay for likes on Instagram? is the safest, cheapest website to increase engagement for a low cost. Because all our users are real, you never have to worry about IG banning you or deleting your account. Other users can’t tell some of your likers are paid, either. Because taps are delivered in a slow, gradual manner that looks natural and realistic, no one will ever guess.

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Active & Genuine Engagement

We’re very careful about growing your account the right way and we’re violating Insta’s T&C. Therefore we provide our customers with all hearts from existing and genuine users. Don’t worry! You’re profile is safe with our service.

Quick & Easy Order
Getting promo packages from our site is very simple. Just pick the amount of hearts you want to purchase. Then, add your IG profile name and e-mail where you’d like to receive the confirmation of your order.


Great Results

Want to become more popular on Insta? You are on the best place. Your engagement ratings will increase with our quality packs, and more and more users will see your posts on the Explore page.

24/7 Support

Our top-notch support team is here for you 24/7. We are ready to reply to any of your questions and solve issues you might have.